TH participates in short and long-term equity investment activities in sectors including industrial, services, plantations and properties. This is in line with its objective to provide a venue for Muslim community in Malaysia to participate in the country’s business and investment fields via their savings with TH.

TH opts for a conservative approach when investing.  All investments by TH subsidiaries are scrutinised closely to ensure they are Syariah-compliant and generate favourable returns.

TH is also an active investor in Islamic financial instruments such as debt papers, corporate notes, government securities, mudhaarabah banking accounts and bill of acceptances.

Investments in company subsidiaries are strategic moves to be directly involved in competitive and potential sectors. At present, the sectors that are being focused on are plantation, construction, properties, Islamic banking, information technology and services. Its full-fledged subsidiaries operating in these sectors are: 

TH  Plantations Berhad

TH  Properties Sdn Bhd

TH  Technologies Sdn Bhd

TH  Travel & Services Sdn Bhd.

TH  Global Services Sdn. Bhd.

Bank Islam

Lityan Holdings Berhad